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Project profile

HEALTOUR - Health Tourism Exchange Program (HEALTOUR)

HEALTOUR - Health Tourism Exchange Program (HEALTOUR)


Author: OITS
Year of publication: 2013
Language: english
Country: United Kingdom
Target: Youth-Families-Disabled-Seniors

The Healtour project will give due importance to the existing Calypso preparatory studies that delivered concrete information on social low-season tourism exchanges in the EU. The project will also benefit from studies and expertise generated through projects like SOWELL and URTS that have already been co-financed by Calypso in 2010.

Healtour will continue and complete the previous Calypso research on the financial and normative local conditions (in the territory covered by the partners) under which trans-national exchanges may take place and will provide insight on the feasible models of low-season economical exchanges (social public policy co-financing, private operators involvement, etc.).

The project will also investigate how a “social tourism” label can facilitate the involvement of the private sector (tour operators, hotels, travel agencies, transport companies, etc.) into building new products and offers within the social tourism sector. Research will involve the relevant local partners, associations and stakeholders. The results of the studies will also benefit from a thorough dissemination strategy (targeted newsletters, press releases, information on social media, etc.).

  • International Social Tourism Organisation (OITS)
  • UNAT
  • Floreal Group
  • Costa Cálida. Región de Murcia
  • Vacances Ouvertes
  • Inatel
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