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Perfil del proyecto

ACA - Accessible Culture for All (ACA)

ACA - Accessible Culture for All (ACA)


Autor: OITS
Año de publicación: 2013
Idioma: english
País: United Kingdom
Objetivo: Discapacitados

The project is entirely planned on the principle that tourism is a leisure experience that should be offered and enabled to all. It aims to develop a culture which will facilitate social tourism and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Appropriate structures will be set up to foster the idea of inclusion. The project will focus on ways to improve the accessibility dimension of the tourism product and the service offer for the benefit of social tourists in Europe.

To address the seasonality problem of the tourism demand, the project’s intention is to share best practices among the partner entities and to identify mechanisms which would eventually facilitate exchanges for social tourists during the offpeak season. Indeed this project will eventually lead to exchanges of people with disabilities to give the opportunity to experience other tourism products.